Keeping warm in the Winter, when you heat with wood and cut your own, isn’t easy work. For me, this means cutting wood almost every weekend, to keep up and potentially build a stockpile.

We have a Hardy H4 Outdoor Boiler, which we use to pre-heat our domestic hot water and heat our house. It’s not a conservative stove when it comes to wood consumption, but I attribute this, in large part, to the fact that we keep the boiler water temperature around 170 degrees and our thermostat upstairs at 72 or 73 degrees.

Occasionally, I do burn “green” or “unseasoned” wood, but mostly we target dead trees that need to be taken down regardless.

On this particular weekend my father and I fell and dead tree than was hanging over the barn. Limbing and bucking went pretty quick, but moving these 28″ rounds was a slow chore, even with the help of a tractor with a loader and a splitter.

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